Cosmic Nail Art

Because nail art is the biggest trend right now we searched the net for a good diy on nail art. On “Wear Pink on Wednesdays”  this blogger shows their readers how to make your nails cosmic.

What you Need
 - Black Nail Polish (Suggested: OPI in Black Onyx)
 - White Nail Polish (Suggested: Essie in Blanc)
 - Yellow Nail Polish (Suggested: OPI in Need Sunglasses)
 - Rosy Pink Nail Polish (Suggested: OPI in Sparrow Me The Drama)
 - Navy Blue Nail Polish (Suggested: OPI in Russian Navy)
 - Fine glitter topcoat (Suggested: China Glaze in Fairy Dust)
 - Makeup sponge
 - Toothpick

Nail Instructions
First, coat your nails in black polish (you can also use a dark purple if desired).  Once dry, use a makeup sponge to sponge on white polish in a diagonal line across your nail, creating your nebula.  If you don’t sponge on the white first, the other colors will not show up as well in the next steps.  Then use your makeup sponge again to sponge yellow polish over the white.  Repeat again with pink polish (you may also substitute the pink polish with a light blue).  Be sure to sponge the polish on thinly so that all three colors will be visible once completed. Next, sponge the navy polish around your nebula, fading it into your black base coat.  Clean around your nails with nail polish remover if necessary. Then to create the stars, dip your toothpick in the white polish one time and stipple it quickly along the outside of the nebula.  Add a few bigger stars by putting more white polish on your toothpick.  Once completed finish your Galaxy Nail look off with a very fine glitter topcoat which will create more stars and keep your new cosmic nails from chipping.  Below are some variations you can achieve by switching the colors and placements on your nails.  Have fun and experiment with different colors to create your perfect look!


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6 Ft Underground

So here are the Dripped fashion event photos. Sorry we were busy running around and really didn't get enough photos to capture the moment=( But all in all the Dripped event was quite the turn out! full of fashion lovers and creatives. We shared a booth with one of our favorite designers Monica Reyes from Elephants and Sirens. Drank bottles of free Peroni Beers from Italy with Megan Mcgill, Casey & Wendy Mirts! We also ran into our other friends Zoe Flood and Scott Laytart! Haven't seen them since the Vice Magazine shoot! talked for a bit and said our hugs goodbyes...We're happy we made it through the night and not 6 ft. underground.


Tavi Gevinson, TheStyleRookie.com: The Unpredictability of Gen Y

Grey Hair Fashion

Dying your hair grey has been trendy for a few years now. Despite some people being totally against it, we still sort of find it fashionable. Check out a few looks we love from Blogger Tavi Gevinson to Chanel runway models.


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Although we absolutely adore Pixie Geldof's style, we cant help but to point out how similar her style is to our favorite 90's girl Drew Barrymore! This was before the term"it girl" was coined.


DIY: Kitty Loafers

Our mascot being the bear cat this is the perfect post for a bear cat diy project:
If you love cats this may be the project for you. While searching the internet for clever DIY ideas, we came across this cute project to vamp up your old shoes. This is the perfect way to be crafty and creative with your wardrobe. " Unleash your inner Cat Power. From Charlotte Olympia’s cat heels and flats to Jason Wu’s Target collab mascot, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and pay homage to our feline friends with a delicious DIY. Be fierce and show your feminine feline side with a DIY that’s purrrrrrrfect!"-ps i made this

DIY Instructions:

To create: cut out 2 triangles in black, that are slightly rounded, for the ears. Measure and cut out a smaller and contrasting shape for the inner ear. Use the same fabric to create a nose shape. Use either leather, suede, or any faux fabric you have. Create a “face” with puffy paint drawing eyes onto a plain loafer. Be sure to use a different color puffy paint for the inside of eyes. Glue ears onto the inside of the loafer with a glue gun. Attach the nose and finish drawing the face by adding whiskers and a mouth. Wait until puffy paint is completely dry before kicking up your heels and exercising your cat like reflects!

courtesy of ~P.S. I made this & Urban 1972