Wild At Heart

Young lovers Sailor and Lula are on the run for their lives. “Unaware of all of the events happening back in North Carolina, the two are on their way until — according to Lula — they witness a bad omen: the aftermath of a two-car accident, and the only survivor, a young woman (Sherilyn Fenn), dies in front of them. With little money left, Sailor heads for Big Tuna, Texas, where he contacts “old friend” Perdita Durango (Isabella Rossellini), who might be able to help them, although she secretly knows he is under contract to be killed by Lula’s mother. Inevitably, while Sailor agrees to join up with Bobby Peru (Willem Dafoe) in a feed store robbery, Lula waits for him in the hotel room, being sick and pining for better times. While Sailor is out Bobby enters the room and tries to rape Lula, but at the last second laughs it off and walks out.”~Wikipedia. We love this action film and find great inspiration on how to wear your 80′s inpsired wear. We are especially love Lula’s 80′s outfits with body con dresses, polka dots, hot pink, and lace leggings.

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