Candy Raver

"Fluorescent colors and candy raver styling is back in a big way. Whether it’s flannel (which will be featured in a future Trends column on lumberjack and grunge chic) or neon, people are bringing back the culture of "anti-fashion," but in new and reinvented styles. The music scene associated with all the fluorescent action is known as nu rave, which is a homage to the "traditional" rave scene characterized by fog machines, light shows and pounding electronic music, as well as the other musical genres of disco and new wave.
Neon first came into vogue in the early ’90s. Popular items of fluorescent clothing included t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, shoelaces, hair scrunchies, and fanny packs, worn by both men and women. Whether vintage or handmade, neon is once again in the streets and on the runway, and the fashion-forward know it’s time to make it work!"~ courtesy of teenangster

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  1. I love the skulls bracelet, I wish they made stuff like that for guys...