Jeffrey Campbell Obsessed

Hello kitty cats!!! This little ditty comes to mind when I think of Mr. Jeffrey Campbell, cobbler extraordinaire…. “Fly me to the moon shorty!” Do you wear the shoe or does it wear you? If you are wearing a Jeffrey Campbell it is a FACT that the shoe is wearing you. ;) No surprise that these shoes are a favorite among the daring, brave, and in-the-know. All of his styles channel the inner and outer glam in all of us. These beauts below remind me of Betty Boop and Olive Oil for some reason in their throwback to all things cartoon-ish, retro, and downright cute! I dunno bout you but, I’m down to take these puppies for a ride….just not while matters of intoxication are involved.

xLove to you fellow lovers.


"faves of last season"

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